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4 weeks, 7 countries, 1 backpack.

*Date: May 4th 2016
*Time: 8:21PM or 20:21 EST
*Location: JFK – New York, USA

Day One. Technically, I guess you could say that my first real day was the day I actually bought my ticket to Europe. Europe has always been a dream of mine, something I’m sure many others can relate to. When my friend told me he got a job in Amsterdam, I said, “Okay, I’m coming, you just wait.” I don’t think he really believed me, but then again he didn’t know how crazy I really am.

2015 came to an end and I still hadn’t bought a ticket, but I had a plan. I would backpack through Europe for three weeks with a friend. In January, with the help of my mom, I bought my ticket. $634 round trip from New York to Amsterdam through a few different dodgy airlines, and I would still have to buy my ticket from Atlanta to New York, but I had taken my first step. May 4th to June 1st. 4 weeks of adventure.

I spent the rest of January and February looking for a friend to come with me, but every time I thought I had found someone, it fell through. Eventually I threw my hands up in the air and decided I would just backpack solo. I think everyone else is more nervous about me traveling by myself than I am. The way I see it, I could get attacked walking down the streets of Atlanta just as likely as I would in Europe; I’ll take my chances.

The next step was figuring out where I would go. Fortunately, my friend in Amsterdam had taken his own backpacking adventure the year before so with his help and the handy Travelers Guide to Europe he gave me for Christmas, I formulated my plan.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Berlin, Germany
  3. Vienna, Austria
  4. Prague, Budapes
  5. Budapest, Hungary
  6. Split, Croatia
  7. Rome, Italy

After exploring Rome, I plan on catching a flight back to Amsterdam and heading back home. Although I have an idea of my timeline, it’s not at all set in stone. I haven’t booked my hostels, nor have I bought my train tickets. I’m basically winging it. I’ve always been too much of a free spirit to really consider myself a Type A planner, so I didn’t stress myself out trying to figure out the details of everything. I’m open to adventure and ready to explore. I do not fear traveling alone because everywhere you go presents itself with an opportunity to make new friends.

So far I’ve survived my flight to New York, and in just a few hours I’ll be hopping on the redeye to London. I met Claudine a sixty-something-year-old Canadian who lives in Oklahoma, which is apparently full of life and culture, while I ate crappy airport pizza at JFK, I overheard the conversation of two Spanish men who sipped on wine while discussing lavish plans for renting a yacht in Ibiza, I talked to a British guy who’s entire body seemed to be covered in tattoos, when I pointed at one and asked what it was, he laughed and replied “I don’t even f—–g know,” and I made uncomfortably long eye contact with a very good looking stranger whose piercing blue eyes kept darting frantically as he argued with someone on the phone. Next stop: London.

Stay tuned to see where the journey takes me.

Light, Love, and Blessings.

*I won’t always be able to post  automatically since I’m depending on wifi from hostels, airports, and little coffee shops. The date, time, and location lets you know when and where I wrote this post not when and where I was able to publish, so keep checking the website for updates as I will be posting as frequently as possible.