My Dearest Atlanta,

For the past 21, going on 22 years you have been my home. Despite being born in Mexico, you adopted me and took me in as your own. Here is where I was late almost every morning to Pre-K, where I had my first and 1096th kiss, where I I fell in and out of love countless times, where I began taking yoga classes, where I hit my head hundreds of times both literally and figuratively, and most recently where I graduated from college. I slowly took my first steps in this city and continued walking until I could sprint, but now I feel ready to fly.

2016 was a time of great joy and great sorrow. I began teaching yoga at GSU and had the great privilege of meeting so many beautiful souls. I had a milestone birthday and threw a hell of a party. I got lost in the woods – more than once. I traveled through Europe by myself for a month. And I began my final semester of college. But the year came with its struggles. There were times I felt more physical, mental, and spiritual pain than I ever thought imaginable.

Everyone around me says that I am one of those people that is always positive and bouncy, but this year I fell into some very dark spaces. Fortunately, I was blessed enough to have people around that helped me push through, and I rediscoverd my light. 2016 has been a year of extreme growth for me and a year that I am extremely grateful for. I met many wonderful people and did many wonderful things that I feel so incredibly grateful for, but as the year comes to a close I feel ready to close the chapter that is Atlanta.

I leave January 3rd for a three-month trip through Asia and parts of Europe, and I do not have a return ticket. My lease expires at the end of January, so I’ve been giving away most of my things, and I will be leaving the few belongings I have left at a friend’s place for safe keeping. My mom, whom I’ve lived with the majority of my life, will also be doing her own traveling for an indefinite time period, so both of us will be roaming without a real home to come back to – luckily for us, we’ve always believed that home is where the heart is, not just some structure with beds. Although I am not sure where my journey will take me next, I am excited.

Maybe a few months out on the West Coast, maybe grad school in Europe, or maybe a year teaching yoga in an island I’ve never even heard of. The possibilities are endless.

A huge thank you to everyone who has blessed my path along the way, and I wish you all luck and growth in this upcoming year.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Warmly and with love,