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Sofia On A Journey

Lost in the Pursuit of Nothing

Looking for inspiration when you’re feeling stuck is so daunting. It’s been over two months since I arrived back in Atlanta, and in many ways I feel completely and utterly uninspired. Continue reading “Lost in the Pursuit of Nothing”

Finding Love Off the Coast of Bali

“I know people are scared to say this, but right now, I love you,” he said in Spanish. His tone was light and playful, but sincere, and as I looked out into the lavender clouds, I knew exactly what he meant because I felt it too – an overwhelming feeling of joy and euphoria and gratitude towards everything. I was in love, not just with this stranger, but with this place, this sky, this moment. Above all, I was fiercely in love with myself. “I love you too,” I said to him and to the wind as it carried my words out into the sand, the ocean, the Universe.

Continue reading “Finding Love Off the Coast of Bali”

Crashing a Wedding in Mumbai

“Hey, I just don’t think Operation Wedding is a go. I’ve been to three shops and everything is way too expensive,” I texted my friend feeling pessimistic. The wedding was at 4:00 p.m. and it was already past noon. Someone suggested I try Shoppers Stop, the budget Macy’s of India, but as I walked down the hot roads of Mumbai, I felt my hope dripping to the concrete along with my sweat… Continue reading “Crashing a Wedding in Mumbai”

Bangkok: Detainment, Sex Trafficking, and Faith

She looked at me with pity in her eyes, “I’m sorry miss, but you’re going to have to spend 24 hours in the immigration detainment center.” She grabbed my arm gently, but firmly as if at any moment I would begin running. We took an elevator down a few floors and walked into a grey room with bright white fluorescent lights. “Someone will be here to pick you up tomorrow,” she said. I walked into the room and watched the door slowly close. Continue reading “Bangkok: Detainment, Sex Trafficking, and Faith”

Seeking Enlightenment in Goa

I woke up with my heart pounding and my throat burning. I reached for the light switch instinctively. Was someone actually in my room or had it just been a very vivid nightmare? My eyes scanned my surroundings. Nothing. Just me. I checked the time. 12:17 a.m. My alarm would sound in five hours. I knew I should go back to sleep, but my mind was racing. Continue reading “Seeking Enlightenment in Goa”

The Jolting Plane Ride to Goa

I locked eyes with the woman sitting next to me, and we looked at each other with sheer terror. “This is it,” I thought to myself, “this is how I die.” I wish I had called my mom to tell her how much I love her before this flight. I still had so much in life I wanted to do, this was too soon. My thoughts were interrupted by another loud shout at the back of the plane. I closed my eyes and fervently began repeating to myself, “Everything is going to be okay, everything is going to be okay, it’s not my time yet.” Continue reading “The Jolting Plane Ride to Goa”

Exploring the Streets of Delhi

“Oh man, that is an awful smell,” I exclaimed plugging my nose in disgust. “Yes, it is terrible isn’t it?” responded my friend with a laugh as we made our way into the metro station. People had warned me about the terrible odor in major Indian cities, but nothing had prepared me for this.

Continue reading “Exploring the Streets of Delhi”

The Journey to India

“Excuse me, did you really not see me standing here?” I snapped at the guy who literally looked me in the eye and decided to get in front of me in line. He mumbled an apology, then moved behind me. “Thank you,” I said curtly as I continued to wait my turn in line, I had a feeling this was going to be a very common occurrence in India. Fortunately I am five feet and two inches of pure sass.

Continue reading “The Journey to India”

Atlanta: A Farewell Letter

My Dearest Atlanta,

For the past 21, going on 22 years you have been my home. Despite being born in Mexico, you adopted me and took me in as your own. Continue reading “Atlanta: A Farewell Letter”

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