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May 2016

Roaming Around Rome

When I got off of my train in Rome, I felt a rush of excitement. The Eternal City. Surely something out of this world exciting is going to happen in this beautiful city. As I began my walk to my hostel, I crossed my fingers that at any moment now I would get swooped away by a gorgeous Italian guy on his vespa…

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Fun times in Florence

As I left the train station in Florence, I felt underwhelmed. People said it was a beautiful city, but in the fifteen minute walk it took for me to get to my hostel, I didn’t really see anything special. However, when I check into the Plus Florence Hostel it was packed with people and vibrance, Florence was booming with life, now all I had to do was dive into it…

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La Dolce Vita in Venezia


“Where are you going next?” she asked, “I was thinking about Rome, but now I don’t know,” I resplied. “Come with us to Venice!” she exclaimed and just like that I changed plans changed was heading somewhere unexpected and new, thrilled to see such a beautiful city.

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Splitting in Split

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We woke up at 7:00 a.m. with the hope that we would have ample time to catch the 9:30 a.m. bus to Split. Etta James played in the background as we packed up our things, and the gravity of what we were doing finally started to kick in: “I can’t believe I am about to travel with some stranger to another city,” I thought to myself incredulously. Continue reading “Splitting in Split”

Hiking and Falling in Zagreb

“Are we really going to do this?” I asked giddy with the idea of doing something so crazy, “Yes!” he insisted, “It’s the perfect spot!” As I clicked the “Book Now” button I thought to myself, this has got to be the most insane thing I’ve ever done…

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Beautiful Budapest


Wow. As I took in the magnificent Parliament, I was in awe of its intricacy, of its size, of its beauty. Never had I seen such an impressive building. Absolutely magical. I wracked through my memory trying to remember anything from my AP European History class about the history of Budapest, but I was lost.

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Lonely and Hungry in Vienna

“Deutsch? English? Turkish?” playfully asked the guy in the stand at the market. “English,” I said with a smile. “Ah, okay,” he looked around at his dried fruits and grabbed a hibiscus flower. “Look a beautiful flower for a beautiful flower,” he motioned for me to eat it, and when I did, I was delighted by the sweet flavors of each bite. Continue reading “Lonely and Hungry in Vienna”

The Magical and Cold Prague


“Hmph, ‘you didn’t know,’” the officer snapped back, “Give me your passport.” “I’m so sorry sir, I just got in yesterday,” I replied extremely embarrassed at having been caught doing something illegal. “Now you pay the fee. 800 Kronner,” he ordered. When I pulled out my empty wallet, he said “Come, I follow you to ATM machine.”

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Entranced by Berlin

“I have to leave here in two hours,” I told him, he nodded. We continued to dance. The beat got faster, the lights flashed brighter. I was completely aware of everything and nothing at the same time. I checked the time –  9:35 a.m.,  I considered buying another train ticket but I knew I had to leave, to continue. “It’s time for me to go,” I said.

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