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The Jolting Plane Ride to Goa

I locked eyes with the woman sitting next to me, and we looked at each other with sheer terror. “This is it,” I thought to myself, “this is how I die.” I wish I had called my mom to tell her how much I love her before this flight. I still had so much in life I wanted to do, this was too soon. My thoughts were interrupted by another loud shout at the back of the plane. I closed my eyes and fervently began repeating to myself, “Everything is going to be okay, everything is going to be okay, it’s not my time yet.” Continue reading “The Jolting Plane Ride to Goa”

Atlanta: A Farewell Letter

My Dearest Atlanta,

For the past 21, going on 22 years you have been my home. Despite being born in Mexico, you adopted me and took me in as your own. Continue reading “Atlanta: A Farewell Letter”

Big Pumpkins + Tall Sunflowers

I looked at the road, and then I looked at my fuel gauge. I was thisclose to running out of gas. Our phones weren’t working, we were lost- Continue reading “Big Pumpkins + Tall Sunflowers”

Out of the City and Into the Woods

“How has it only been 15 minutes?” I thought to myself as I put my phone inside my backpack and took a moment to catch my breath.My thighs were burning, I was out of breath, and I could already feel a big pool of sweat forming inside my sports bra. I had hiked one mile and still had 11 more to go.

Continue reading “Out of the City and Into the Woods”

Eating My Way Through New York

As the massive throng of people exited the warehouse, I found myself moving in slow motion behind a crowd that had no idea what to do next. A woman pulled up to us and asked, “What just happened here?” “Norwegian Disco,” my friend replied. She casually responded, “Oh of course!” as if that’s just another night in the Big Apple. Continue reading “Eating My Way Through New York”

My First Bite of the Big City

“Are you Tina?” a girl randomly asked. “I’m sorry, am I Latina?” I responded, confused. She laughed, “No, I’m carpooling on with some girl named Tina and thought it might be you.” “Nope, not me,” I politely responded. Some guy managing traffic shouted, “You f—–g idiot, what are you doing!?!” to a car trying to cut through the. Everyone was moving fast and talking even faster, I was definitely not in the South anymore. Continue reading “My First Bite of the Big City”

Atlanta, Home Sweet Home

It’s been two months since I returned to Atlanta, and it’s been a serious adjustment. After spending one month exploring different countries and cities, I was afraid that coming back to school and the same city would feel monotonous, but despite being stuck in Atlanta heat and humidity I’m excited to say I’ve found excitement in my own backyard. Continue reading “Atlanta, Home Sweet Home”

Roaming Around Rome

When I got off of my train in Rome, I felt a rush of excitement. The Eternal City. Surely something out of this world exciting is going to happen in this beautiful city. As I began my walk to my hostel, I crossed my fingers that at any moment now I would get swooped away by a gorgeous Italian guy on his vespa…

Continue reading “Roaming Around Rome”

Fun times in Florence

As I left the train station in Florence, I felt underwhelmed. People said it was a beautiful city, but in the fifteen minute walk it took for me to get to my hostel, I didn’t really see anything special. However, when I check into the Plus Florence Hostel it was packed with people and vibrance, Florence was booming with life, now all I had to do was dive into it…

Continue reading “Fun times in Florence”

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