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Entranced by Berlin

“I have to leave here in two hours,” I told him, he nodded. We continued to dance. The beat got faster, the lights flashed brighter. I was completely aware of everything and nothing at the same time. I checked the time –  9:35 a.m.,  I considered buying another train ticket but I knew I had to leave, to continue. “It’s time for me to go,” I said.

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40,000 Steps in Berlin


As I searched through my bag frantically, it dawned on me that all of my clothes smelled like sweat and Berlin – I couldn’t procrastinate any longer, it was time to do laundry. So now I’m sitting in a big Pulp Fiction t-shirt and a tiny pair of spandex shorts watching my laundry go through the spin cycle. Peace. Continue reading “40,000 Steps in Berlin”

Lost in Berlin

I felt the music taking over and despite being completely sober it hit me like waves throughout my body. “Where are you from?” a tall German guy asked, “American,” I responded. His eyes lit up with mischief, “Welcome to Berlin.” Continue reading “Lost in Berlin”

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