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Roaming Around Rome

When I got off of my train in Rome, I felt a rush of excitement. The Eternal City. Surely something out of this world exciting is going to happen in this beautiful city. As I began my walk to my hostel, I crossed my fingers that at any moment now I would get swooped away by a gorgeous Italian guy on his vespa…

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Fun times in Florence

As I left the train station in Florence, I felt underwhelmed. People said it was a beautiful city, but in the fifteen minute walk it took for me to get to my hostel, I didn’t really see anything special. However, when I check into the Plus Florence Hostel it was packed with people and vibrance, Florence was booming with life, now all I had to do was dive into it…

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La Dolce Vita in Venezia


“Where are you going next?” she asked, “I was thinking about Rome, but now I don’t know,” I resplied. “Come with us to Venice!” she exclaimed and just like that I changed plans changed was heading somewhere unexpected and new, thrilled to see such a beautiful city.

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