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Atlanta: A Farewell Letter

My Dearest Atlanta,

For the past 21, going on 22 years you have been my home. Despite being born in Mexico, you adopted me and took me in as your own. Continue reading “Atlanta: A Farewell Letter”

Big Pumpkins + Tall Sunflowers

I looked at the road, and then I looked at my fuel gauge. I was thisclose to running out of gas. Our phones weren’t working, we were lost- Continue reading “Big Pumpkins + Tall Sunflowers”

Out of the City and Into the Woods

“How has it only been 15 minutes?” I thought to myself as I put my phone inside my backpack and took a moment to catch my breath.My thighs were burning, I was out of breath, and I could already feel a big pool of sweat forming inside my sports bra. I had hiked one mile and still had 11 more to go.

Continue reading “Out of the City and Into the Woods”

Atlanta, Home Sweet Home

It’s been two months since I returned to Atlanta, and it’s been a serious adjustment. After spending one month exploring different countries and cities, I was afraid that coming back to school and the same city would feel monotonous, but despite being stuck in Atlanta heat and humidity I’m excited to say I’ve found excitement in my own backyard. Continue reading “Atlanta, Home Sweet Home”

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