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New York

Eating My Way Through New York

As the massive throng of people exited the warehouse, I found myself moving in slow motion behind a crowd that had no idea what to do next. A woman pulled up to us and asked, “What just happened here?” “Norwegian Disco,” my friend replied. She casually responded, “Oh of course!” as if that’s just another night in the Big Apple. Continue reading “Eating My Way Through New York”

My First Bite of the Big City

“Are you Tina?” a girl randomly asked. “I’m sorry, am I Latina?” I responded, confused. She laughed, “No, I’m carpooling on with some girl named Tina and thought it might be you.” “Nope, not me,” I politely responded. Some guy managing traffic shouted, “You f—–g idiot, what are you doing!?!” to a car trying to cut through the. Everyone was moving fast and talking even faster, I was definitely not in the South anymore. Continue reading “My First Bite of the Big City”

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